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The Law Down Under Podcast with Barrister Chris Patterson, where we give you insights into the law in New Zealand and Australia, its application and future. Each episode features a new guest who will stimulate your interest in the law and give you a greater understanding of the legal issues that help shape our justice system. We thank you for tuning in and enjoy the podcast.

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The Law Downunder

The Latest Episode - November 01 2023 E27 Introduction to Immigration Law - With Michelle Chen

On today’s episode of the Law Down Under Podcast, we interview Michelle Chen, a specialist immigration lawyer and director of MC Legal.  Having grown up with migrant parents, Michelle is driven by her personal experiences to help individuals and businesses alike with their immigration-related enquiries.

Michelle is bilingual and has worked and studied in China and has travelled to several countries, including Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam.  In 2022, she started her own immigration practice, MC Legal.  Michelle now works closely with businesses to ensure their ongoing immigration compliance, and with individuals looking to call New Zealand home.

Today we talk with Michelle about how her personal experiences have influenced her work as an immigration specialist.  We also take a look at the regulatory framework in New Zealand, and consider the challenges faced by migrants and businesses alike.  I hope you enjoy this episode with Michelle Chen.