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The Law Down Under Podcast with Barrister Chris Patterson, where we give you insights into the law in New Zealand and Australia, its application and future. Each episode features a new guest who will stimulate your interest in the law and give you a greater understanding of the legal issues that help shape our justice system. We thank you for tuning in and enjoy the podcast.

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The Law Downunder

The Latest Episode - April 22 2024 E30 Cross Examination - With Larry Pozner

On today’s episode of the Law Down Under Podcast, we interview Larry Pozner, an internationally renowned expert on cross-examination.  A veteran criminal defence trial lawyer, Larry has achieved success as counsel in several high-profile cases and represented major American organizations such as the American Insurance Group and the Denver Broncos.

Larry began his career as a public defender in Colorado and went on to found two firms specializing in criminal defence and civil litigation.  He taught at the University of Denver College of Law, where he was voted Best Professor, and has since held programs on trial tactics throughout the US, Canada and Brazil.

He was recognised as Lawyer of the Year for Denver Criminal Defence (Non-White Collar) by The Best Lawyers in America, and has been listed in the publication since 1987.

Today, we have the privilege of hosting Larry on the podcast while he is in New Zealand to present his revolutionary seminar on cross examination.  We talk with Larry about his illustrious career which spans more than five decades, as well as the latest edition of his book, ‘Cross Examination: Science and Techniques’, which was co-authored with expert trial attorney Roger Dodd.  I hope you enjoy this episode with Larry Pozner.