Employment law is a complex area which affects almost every individual at some stage in their life. In New Zealand, employment law is governed by more than 18 individual statutes and numerous regulations. The common law also plays a key role in defining rights and entitlements provided in the various statutes in broad terms, particularly in respect of personal grievances involving unjustified dismissals or unjustified disadvantages.

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Employment Advice

Reducing and eliminating the risk of liability in employment disputes involves a consultative approach, an adherence to compliance and good communication from the outset of all employment relationships.  There are a number of express and implied obligations imposed on all parties to employment relationships and managing this area of law requires not only extensive knowledge, but also real world experience.

Not only does Chris provide advice for employment disputes and problems involving grievances, performance management, bullying and harassment, he can also assist with non-contentious employment issues such as drafting collective and individual employment agreements and company policies, ensuring compliance with such policies including health and safety and human rights law, assisting clients with investigative and disciplinary action/processes, and restructuring/redundancy processes.  Chris has experience acting for both large and small employers, as well as employees from all walks of life, and aims to provide not only employment advice but also practical advice in a prompt and efficient manner.